Nordic Track Ski Machine Nordic Track Ski Machine
Nordic Track Ski Machine - where to buy
Want more information on the Nordic Track Skier? Want to get started blasting calories and getting in shape with your ski machine?

We recommend going directly the Manufacturer's site.

You can read more user reviews, buy it at a discount and even get Free Shipping to your home.

You can also arrange to have the machine shipped inside your home and set up for you, with all the packaging removed for you.

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Nordic Track Ski Machine
nordic track ski machine
Wondering about the Nordic Track Skier? Is it right for you?

You can to the right place! You'll find everything you need to know on the NordicTrack ski machine here - from how it works to all the benefits it gives you to the latest user reviews and tips!

If you're looking for an affordable calorie-blasting fitness machine that will last you for years, you'll love the Nordic Track Ski Machine!

Everything You Need To Know About the Nordictrack Skier!
nordic track ski machine arm chords
ski machine
nordic track skier
What Is It?
The ski machine is a piece of equipment that simulates the motion of cross country skiing.

Lower body 'skis' move forward and back at the same time as you work your arms with the upper body chords.

You can adjust the elevation to increase intensity.

There are also independent resistance controls for the arms and legs. So you can vary the intensity of upper and lower body workouts.

Why Choose A Skier?

Unlike a treadmill or elliptical, you can fold up your skier and take it with you when you go to the cottage or on vacation.

"Amazing piece of equipment a real kick butt workout. I have a small area and could only have one machine and I am so happy I choose this one." -puffdragon, Raleigh,NC

Because you're using so many upper and lower body muscle groups, you blast through calories fast. You'll see looser pants and a smaller waistline sooner!

"I have owned and used my cross country skier for about 15 years, and love it! I have not had any problems with it, and when I use it 30 minutes a day, it does keep my weight off and my body toned, without any impact on my joints!
" - happyface, Iowa

"I have had a Nordic Track Ski machine since 1991.Best exercise ever.I am a Jockey, so weight is a big issue for me. My Nordic Track ski machinehas helped me keep it down. I set it at a low resistance, I want to lose the weight but not build the muscle..." - chicobandi, Bloomington, MN

This machine is easy on the joints and virtually no impact. This makes it great for seniors or people with back, hip or knee problems.

"I bought my first one in 1987 and have used one or another model ever since, at least several times a week. The skiing motion strengthens the core, curing a lower back problem I had, and for getting a high intensity aerobic workout in half an hour without stressing the joints, nothing else comes close."-indoorskier, Washington,DC

"I have had my skier for 17 yrs now and have never tired using it year after year. Easy on the joints and muscles. Best exercise for arthritis sufferers and seniors such as myself. Never wears out with good maintenence." - nhansr, Parker, CO

Unlike other forms of equipment, the ski machine is simple. It can be set up in minutes and doesn't require a lot of maintenance over the years.

You don't need to spend thousands on a treadmill or souped-up elliptical. The Nordic Track Ski machine comes in under $700 if you buy it here (plus you get Free Shipping and warranty coverage).

nordic track ski machine
Because it gives you so much! Here are just a few of the benefits:

Most ski machine owners are still using their equipment after 16, 17 and even 20 years!

"I have been using this machine for almost 20 years. Yes, 20. I use it primarily in the winter. But, what a workout." - Doylestown Dale, Doylestown, PA

"I bought my NordicTrack skier in 1986; after more than 25 years it still works perfectly, and gives me a great workout. Love it! " - kulygin, Plainfield, NJ
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